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Cheng² Duo's fourth album, released October 2023: world-premiere recordings of commissions by Vincent Ho, Alexina Louie, Paul Wiancko, and Dinuk Wijeratne, as well as two original arrangements of beloved Chinese folksongs.

Track List

Dinuk Wijeratne Portrait of an Imaginary Sibling
Vincent Ho Horizon Images

                          I. Prairie Song

                          II. Soleil différé

                          III. Windstorm
Hua Yanjun (Abing) Er Quan Ying Yue (Moon's Reflection upon a Spring) - arr. Cheng2 Duo
Alexina Louie Pond Mirrors Bright Sky

Alexina Louie Wild Horse Running

Paul Wiancko Sonata No. 1 for Cello and Piano, "Shifting Baselines"

                                Part I: Steady stroll—Flowing
                               Part II: Free—Angular—Calm—Driving
                               Part III: Glacial—Moto—Unwavering, but not too fast—Steady stroll

Huang Haihuai Sai Ma (Racing Horses) - arr. Cheng2 Duo


ORF Radio, Austria

"A gripping interpretation [of the Rachmaninov sonata]... Here, highs and lows are masterfully explored, and despite their youth, the artists bring an into-the-heart maturity to be listened to."
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